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  Richard Wilson in Minsk in 1991

Richard Wilson was  born.on 29th  April  1926 at home at 48 Clarendon Road in Putney, London, England.   He met
Andrée Desirée DuMond
(who was born on  6th; January  1928 in Pasadena, California)  in November 1951
 and they were married on 5th January 1952 in Menlo Park, California

Below are photographs of Richard and Andree in 1960

Here is a family picture taken at a party celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of  Richard and Andrée in Gloucester, MA in June 2002

Left to Right:
Steven Harrison, Galen Harrison, Benjamin Farnsworth,  Carol Anne Freeman, Nicholas Wilson, Rita McMahon, A. Christopher Wilson, Irene Farnsworth, Bradley Farnsworth, Elaine Wilson, Richard Wilson, Andrée Wilson, Michael Wilson, Lisa Greenleaf, Annette Wilson,
Peregrine (Perry) Silverschanz, Peter Wilson, Tyrone (Ty) Wilson, Juliana (Julie) Whitmore
Andrée's first born is Steven Harrison born 1951, married Deborah Tatar, with two children, Galen and Adrian. They live in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Andrée with the Harrison family in their previous home in Portola Valley, CA

Andrée and Richard together have six children:

Arthur Christopher (Chris) Wilson  was born on 2nd December  1952 in Forest  Hill, Oxfordshire, UK.    He married Rita Kay McMahon (born 21st January 1952) on 16th September 1995.  They live in Rogers Park, a Chicago suburb.

Chris at a Museum  and Rita

Michael Thomas Wilson was born on 6th March 1955 at Manor Farm Cottage, Binsey, Oxfordshire.    He married Lisa Greenleaf in 2011.  They live in Bolton, Massachussets.

Michael on                      Lisa on
                      Christmas day 2002          Dick's 80th birthday 2006               

Nicholas Graham Wilson was born on. 9th September 1956 in Mt Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, MA.    His companion is Carol Anne Freeman (b. 4 Oct 1956).  They live in Colorado Springs.

On left is Nicholas and Carol Anne on bridge over the Rio Grande in Nw Mexico
On right is Nicholas on the road down from Cloudcroft in New Mexico - both in 2002.

Elaine Susan Wilson  was born on 27th  February 1958 in Arlington,   MA.   She was married  on 20th  June 1981 to Bradley Farnsworth (b. 3 Apr 1957).   They lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan but have since moved to Washington DC. and  have two children:   
Benjamin Wilson Farnsworth ( b. 23 Jun 1987) also living in Washington DC. &  Irene Dumond Farnsworth ( b. 27 Oct 1989) who lives in San Francisco with her boy friend,
on left Elaine flying a kite at Crane's Beach, August 2004
on right Brad at RW 80th birthday
Elaine's website of her landscape paintings

Irene and Ben
Irene's visit to Turkey

André Adèl Wilson was born on 23rd September 1959 in Arlington, MA.  His companion is Peregine (Perry) Silvershantz  (born on  1st July 1955).  They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan

André on receiving an award and Perry on a back pack trip in the Algonquins

Peter James Wilson was born on April 2nd 1961, in Hospice d'Archange in Orsay,  France.   He married Juliana (Julie)Whitmore on February 22nd 2001 and they have one son Tyrone Jordan Whitmore Wilson born on January 22nd  2001.   They live in Batavia, IL with their two dogs and both are high energy physicists working at nearby FERMILAB although Julie is part of the CMS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

Peter, Andree, Tyrone and Julie, outside their  house in Batavia, IL on Christmas Day 2003

Andrée and Richard live in a 150 year old house in 15 Bracebridge Road, Newton Centre, MA.   Their 6 children were brought uphere and used to sled down the hill in wintertime.  The children hosted many sledding parties.  It has a fine garden which is Andrée's pride and joy and won here the mayor's beautification cup for 2004.    The area is called "Jolly's Hollow", after a man called Jolly who had three attractive daughters and rented the house in the 1900s.   The hill  goes down to  pond which used to  be filled with water draining from Crystal Lake, but dried up after the Sudbury aqueduct was built.  This is shown in the following three photographs.

Camperdown ElmSide of House from Hollow

On the left is the front view of the house (which faces south);  in the middle is a fine camperdown elm at the end of the driveway, and at the right a view of the house from the "hollow" (looking east).   Alas the magnificent old maple in the left and right pictures has died and was removed in 2008.

The garden is full of flowers;  which flowers depends upon the season.  Here are three views.    Many more pictures are available on another page.

welcome sign

Andrée and Richard welcome vistors to "Jolly's Hollow" with the warning and restrictions shown on the sign.

On either side of the house are two old aqueducts.  The Cochituate aqueduct, built in 1847,  is in a tunnel unde the property to the north and the Sudbury aqueduct, built in 1870 to the south.     As you enter from Braccbridge Road, cross the garden, and mount the path beyond the hollow you reach the top of the Cochituate aqueduct after the tunnel upon which  you can walk to Auburndale.   At the end of the property you can cross to the Sudbury Aqueduct which you can follow to Framingham.   A description is on the Newton Conservators website