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Updated October 4th 2009

Report about Dhaka Community Hospital in the Daily Star of october 2nd 2009

Report from Lucknow, Uttah Pradesh, India,   Augsut 27th 2009  "Arsenic in Groundwater affects millions in UP"

From the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC): "Arsenic-Based Therapy Helps Eradicate Leukemia Initiating Cells" -- arsenic-based therapy may help degrade a tumor suppresor protein (PML) that helps Leukimea Initiating Cells (LICs) maintain quiescence.

Making the World's Water Supply Arsenic: The Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Awards names arsenic removal units (ARUs) one of the five finalists.Details available on the ASCE website.

Super-bug 'answer to harmful pollution': Scientists have found a microbe that oxidizes arsenite to the less dangerous form arsenate. The latter form is also easier to isolate.

Arsenic threatens global health , Monday, 18 February 2008 , CRC CARE
As many as 100 million people worldwide are facing slow poisoning and risk of death from arsenic in their drinking water and food supply.
"This is probably the worst mass poisoning event in history - and in many cases it is preventable," says CRC CARE managing director Professor Ravi Naidu.
"The bad news is that it is spreading around the world in the expanding global food trade, exposing millions more people to risk."

Sheep horns trace toxic exposure: Using sheep horns, scientists have proven that they can recreate historic data on exposure levels for arsenic and iodine.

A $39.6-million award to the University of Saskatchewan will be used to fund the fight against arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh among other initiatives. The project proposes that adding lentils grown in Seleium-rich Saskatchewan soils to the Bangladeshi diet could be a potential solution to the arsenic problem. The press release can be accessed here.

News Inferno website:  Arsenic-Treated Lumber Poses Long-Term Toxic Threat with Particularly Serious Consequences for Children
Date Published: December 28, 2005  By Steve DiJoseph

A General Analysis of the National Tubewell Screening Program Data, Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation water Supply Project, BACAMP Resource Centre, August 2005.

The Independent 29th August 2005  "Arsenic:  Looming Danger"

The NEW York Times, July 30th 2005 :  "Bangladesh's Deadly wells" Ahmed, Graziano, and Van Geen

Bangladeshi National Daily “ The Independent” June 26, 2005 "Mitigating Arsenic Disaster through innovative technology by MSUK a NGO"   (SONO filter)

Genes determine what levels of arsenic are toxic (Kromo News  July 3rd 2005)

The political economy of arsenic and prospect for action  In The Nation by M. Rahmat Ali June 28, 2005

Millions may see delays in Mandated arsenic protection,  Society for Environmental Journalists click and search on arsenic

Arsenic disaster in Bangladesh: US experts blame India for constructing dams; By UNB, Dhaka Jun 21, 2005,
Two US environment experts (bridge and Husain) in an article blamed groundwater arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh on Farakka, Tista and other dams and barrages.
  • Arsenic in foodgrains not alarming: Experts  In the Nation By BSS, Dhaka, Jan 19, 2005
  • Arsenic contamination:  A three-day symposium on "Behaviour of Arsenic in Aquifers, Soils, and Plants
    Implications of Management"  Staff Reporter [Ittefaq Dhaka]  Jan 16, 2005

    Arsenic laced water rings out alarm bell     Sangai Express, Imphal, Manipur, January 07:

  • 190 upazilas to be arsenic-free by June by BSS, Dhaka Jan 7, 2005, 10:58

  • World Bank to  help to fight arsenic threat     New Nation  Dec 28, 2004

  • Testing innovative ways to treat arsenic-contaminated water Medical News Today, 8 Dec 2004

  • CONTAMINATION OF WATER SOURCES  Press Information Bureau, Government of India  December 07, 2004

  • Arsenic Found in Balliar region of Uttah Pradesh, India.  Contested by administration

  • West Bengal most arsenic affected zone in sub-continent  Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Oct 14, 2004

  • New arsenic Drinking water standard may still be toxic.  -  Dartmouth College  

  •    'Use surface water. Stop digging'    TIMES NEWS NETWORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2004

  •  Arsenic contamination is threatening the health of rural population
    in Terai district  (Nepal)  - By KESHAB POUDEL - Nepal News  Sept 24-28,2004
  • Squabbling Over Arsenic Poisoning - Arsenic in Uttah Pradesh: in Islam On Line - October 5th 2004
  • New recommendations which will help pre-empt drinking water contamination - in Miscellaneous News. September 22, 2004

  • $55m scheme for water supply to arsenic-hit areas  - Daily Star - September 24, 2004

  • Arsenic presence in Bihar groundwater confirmed [India News] Patna, Sep 13
  • High arsenic reported in Bihar groundwater NDTV Correspondent Friday, September 10, 2004

  • Bacteria solution to groundwater arsenic. Bangladesh scientist says the bugs use arsenic for energy
  • Low Cost Remedies to remove Arsenic (stainles steel filters)
  •  Arsenic Mitigation:  Increased coordination among govt, NGOs suggested  Daily Star July 1st 2004
  • $6 million appropriation to focus Sandia research on drinking water desalination, removal of arsenic  DOE/Sandia National Laboratories June 28, 2004 Contact: Chris Burroughscoburro @   505-844-0948
  • Fightback plan after arsenic scare  STAFF REPORTER Calcutta, June 29:  More than 70 lakh [seven million] people in the state are victims of arsenic contamination, according to statistics available with the health department.
  •  Scientists make arsenic water link  By Richard Black,    BBC science correspondent
  • Arsenic slouching under Ganga-Brahmaputra belt  SUROJIT MAHALANOBIS;   TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 2004 04:30:25 PM
  • Arsenic Poisoning Sparks Health Crisis in Indian State   KARIMGANJ (Assam) Surajit Talukdar, OneWorld South Asia, 18 June 2004

  • Arsenic removal: aquatic plants a potential low-cost solution (3) June 2004
  • Tackling the fast-spreading arsenic problem June 2004

  • 80m people are at arsenic risk (LGRD and Cooperative Minister in Parliament) (New Nation), Delhi, 13 Jun 2004 Financial Express (Dhaka) 6/14/2004

  • Sampling and preservation artifacts in arsenic analysis: May 2004

  • PAKISTAN: UNDP, UNICEF undertake first ever joint project May 2004

  • Applied Geochemistry February 2004
  • Recommended articles on ScienceDirect May 2004

  • Exposure, urinary chemistry May 2004
  • Hetao region China  May 2004

  • Hydrogeology May 2004

  • Environmental Hypothesis: is poor dietary selenium intake an underlying factor for arsenicosis and cancer in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India? September 2003

  • USFilter distributes H 2 S removal products April 2004

  • Oxidative activation of the human carcinogen chromate by arsenite:A model for synergistic metal activation leading to

  • oxidative DNA damage.  March 2004
  • High arsenic concentration in potable water in LAHORE (Pakistan)  April 12 2004
  • Cabinet approves draft of 14th amendment to Constitution - March 2004
  •  Arsenic-free water from next month   - Daily Star - March 23, 2004

  • <> Encore de l'arsenic au Bangladesh -25 février 2003 "A French Article " February 25,  2003

  • The Daily Star  Tuesday November 18, 2003.  Rainwater and filter systems could be a temporary solution to the drinking water crisis Bangladesh is facing

  • Bangladesh Faces Deadly Danger in Its Water -September 11, 2003.
  • Deep Wells Can Target Low Arsenic Aquifers in Bangladesh, New Study Shows , Columbia University-18 July 2003
  • Arsenic mitigation project extended one year - Daily Star - 15 July 2003
  • Arsenic-free water by 2010: Bhuiyan- Daily Star- 10 July 2003
  • 865 arsenic patients in 4 Chuadanga Uzs- Daily Star- 09 July 2003
  • Arsenic removal plants yet to get go-ahead- Daily Star- 05 July 2003
  • Centre for Arsenic Mitigation opens- Daily Star- 02 July 2003
  • Well water could be killing 3,000 Bangladeshis each year  -25 June 2003
  • Water of poison creeps in as silent killer -21 June 2003
  • Kuzurdia--an arsenic-free village - 20 June 2003
  • Dr. Rahman's Ph.D. thesis on arsenic
  • Water project to mitigate arsenic poison may get new term - Daily Star- 28 May 2003
  • 9149 tubewells contaminated with arsenic in C'nawabganjNew Nation (Dhaka), 23 May 2003
  • Water watch protocol finalized – Daily Star-13 May 2003

  • Water watch protocol finalized - by Naimul Haq – 13 May 2003
  • Raising A Novel Legal Point - by Sylvia Mortoza  - 12 May 2003
  • British HC verdict: Each arsenic victim likely to get £ 5,000  - 11 May 2003
  • People of 2 dists drink poison with water  - 10 May 2003
  • Scientists facing action over Bangladesh water survey - by Nikki Tait, FT Syndication Service – 10 May 2003
  • Arsenic victims sue top science body  - by John Vidal for The Guardian - 9 May 2003
  • Arsenic victims win right to trial  -  8 May 2003
  • Two Bangladeshis file case against British organization in London: Arsenic case hearing begins  - 7 May 2003
  • Arsenic threat in Bangladesh - by Bob Forsberg based on a Radio Netherlands feature by Sakil Faizullah, 6 May 2003
  • Arsenic mitigation: Report at cabinet meeting soon - 3 May 2003
  • Exposure to arsenic increase risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes - 13 April 2003
  • VMS6 and clean water can be effective treatment for arsenic victim  -  6 April 2003
  • Case Against British Geological Survey (BGS) Underway In London  - 1 Apr 03
  • Arsenic detected in tube-wells water - 1 Mar 2003
  • Dupitila formation free of arsenic - 1 Mar 2003
  • Arsenic contamination detected in 597 tubewells -  2 Mar 2003

  • Providing clean water: lessons from Bangladesh - Large parts of the world face an unwelcome choice between arsenic and micro-organisms  Editorial, British Medical Journal, March 2001
  • Arsenic poisoning hits parts of Tripura  Rediff on the Net, October 2000
  • Panel Urges Tighter Limits on Arsenic  Seattle Times, April 2000
  • New Limits on Arsenic are Urged  Washington Post, March 2000
  • Arsenic Limits Too Lax  Medical Tribune News Service
  • Poison Threat in Bangladesh Helen Sewell of BBC Science.  6 October 1999
  • Bangladesh Offered Low-Cost Arsenic Solution  ENN, 5 May 1999
  • Bangladesh Arsenic Crisis, January 10, 1999
  • New York Times Article on Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh, November 10, 1998
  • Interpress Service Release, November 1998
  • Arsenic Toxicity Issue (abstract) , Sept 1994. Environmental Health Monthly 6(12).
  • Gabriela Concha, Barbro Nermell, and Marie Vahter, 1998: Metabolism of inorganic arsenic in children with chronic high arsenic exposure in northern Argentina , Environmental Health Perspectives 106(6), June.
  • Public Health Statement - Arsenic, 1989 . Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

  •           Online articles about arsenic contamination in other locations & media
  • Michigan - 1 May 1998. Arsenic contamination of groundwater
  • City of Los Angeles, California - 1996. Low level (10 ug/L) arsenic contamination of city water supply, from geothermal source surface water.
  • Massachusetts - 1996. Military-related contamination of soil
  • Tennessee - 1995. Fly ash contamination of surface water.
  • Mexico - Arsenic contaminated groundwater, Zampan Mexico. Research project, Bates College.
  • Role of arsine from bedding (sheepskins etc) in sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Guidance document for arsenic in shellfish . US Food & Drug Admin. Jan 93.

  • Online articles - other miscellaneous
  • Announcement of Stakeholders Meeting on Arsenic in Drinking Water . USEPA 1997.
  • "Magnesium catastrophe" - Mg deficiency, heart attack, and drinking water . Paul Mason 1997.

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