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Photograph taken in Minsk, Jan. 1992. 
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Born in Putney, London, England

April 29th 1926
(in the middle of the famous general strike.  Fortunately the midwife did not strike)



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Home phone: 617 332 4823 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 617 332 4823 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting

FAX: (617) 495-0416




Department of Physics

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA 02138


Jefferson Physicsl Laboratory, Rm. 257

Harvard University

Cambridge, 02138

Home Address:

15 Bracebridge Road

Newton Centre, MA 02459


Married Andree Desiree (nee DuMond) on January 5th 1952

6 children,  Arthur Christopher,  Michael Thomas, Nicholas Graham, Elaine Susan, Andre A, and Peter James


Taught at home 1931-1933 and 1935-1936

Merton Park Elementary School 1933-1935

Colet Court (Preparatory School) Hmmersmith, 1936-1939

 St. Paul's School, London, England, (while evacuated to Easthapstead Park, Bracknell, Berkshire) 1939-1943

Christ Church, Oxford University, Oxford, England:

Open Mathematical Scholar 1943

B.A. (Physics) 1946

M.A., D.Phil. (Physics) 1950


Research Lecturer, Christ Church, Oxford University 1949-54

Research Associate, University of Rochester 1950-51

Research Associate, Stanford University 1951-52

Research Officer, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University 1952-55

Assistant Professor of Physics, Harvard University 1955-57

Associate Professor of Physics, Harvard University 1957-61

Professor of Physics, Harvard University 1961-83

Chairman, Dept. of Physics, Harvard University 1982-85

Chairman High Energy Physics Committee 1958-1971

Chairman, Cyclotron Operating Committee, Harvard University 1974-81

Cyclotron Operating Committee, Harvard University, Member 1981-present

Acting Director, Energy and Environmental Policy Center, Harvard University 1977-79

Member, Advisory Committee, Energy and Environmental Policy Center, Harvard University 1979-90

Associate, Adams House, Harvard University 1971-present

Affiliate, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University 1990-present

Affiliate, Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University 1990-present

Affiliate, Center for Risk Analysis, School of Public Health, Harvard University, 1992-present

Director, Regional Center for Global Environmental Change, (NIGEC) Harvard University 1990-1993

Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics, Harvard University 1983-1999

Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics, Harvard University, (emeritus) 1999-present


Stanford University summer 1958

University of Paris-Sud (Orsay) (John Simon Guggenheim Fellow or maybe a Fulbright fellow) February through September1961

Laboratori Nationali di Frascati, Rome (Fulbright Fellow) February through August 1969

Overseas Lecturer, U.S. Information Agency (various lectues) 1973-83

Lecturer on Energy and Environment, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Summer Institute, Berkeley, California 1973

Lecturer, Second Energy Symposium, Boulder, Colorado 1974

Lecturer, UK Summer School on Aspects of Energy Conversion 1975

Co-Director, International Schools on Energetics I, II, III, IV, Erice, Italy each of summers 1974-80

Visiting Professor, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France September throgh December 1981

Visiting Scientist, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland June 1981 through January 1982

National Science Foundation Lecturer, Pakistan 1982

Visitor : Los Alamos National Laboratory: February 1998, January/February 1999, January/March 2003

Visiting Scholar, University of California, Jan/February 2000, January/March 2001


Assistant Editor, Annals of Physics 1956-84

National Science Foundation, Physics Advisory Board 1967-70

Trustee, Universities Research Association 1968-73

Consultant to the Attorney General, State of Maine 1971-72

Member, Transportation Advisory Committee, City of Newton 1973 - 78

Energy Research and Development Administration Breeder Reactor Safety Committee 1974-76

Consultant to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 1974-77

Consultant to the Electric Power Research Institute 1975-77

Consultant to Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory 1976-77; 1988-90

Consultant to Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1977-82

Consultant to the U.S. General Accounting Office 1977-78

Consultant to Air Products and Chemicals 1975-80

Consultant to Lawrence Livermore Laboratory 1977-82

Member, Visiting Committee, Engineering Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1978-82, (Chairman 1982)

Consultant to Clairol, Inc. 1979-83

Chairman, Governor's Panel on Reactor Safety Subsequent to the Accident at Three Mile Island, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1979-80

Consultant to the United Nations Council on Namibia 1980

Member, Editorial Board, Risk Analysis, 1980 - present

Adviser, King Faisal International Prize, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1982-83

National Academy of Sciences Energy Engineering Board 1982-91

Chairman, American Physical Society Study Group on Radiological Consequences of Nuclear Power Plants 1983-85

Consultant to the Attorney General, State of Rhode Island 1983

Member, U.S. Department of Energy Health and Environmental Safety Advisory Committee (HERAC) 1984-86

Member, Visiting Committee, Nuclear Engineering Division, Brookhaven National Laboratory 1984-91

Member, Visiting Committee to Radiation Medicine Department , Massachusetts General Hospital 1984-present (Chairman 1984-2000)

Tobacco Smoking Committee, Health Advisory Council, City of Newton 1984-1988

Member, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Research Advisory Committee 1986-91

Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement with Food and Drug Administration 1988-90

Member, Advisory Council, Atomic Library & Technology Center 1988-present

Member, Committee on Future Nuclear Power, National Academy of Sciences 1989-92

Member, Organizing Committee, 1st International Sakharov Conference 1989-90

Member, Science Advisory Board, Atlantic Legal Foundation, 1990-present

Chairman, Expert group on Nuclear Reactor Safety: Republic of China (Taiwan) 1990-1991

Member, Subcommittee on Electromagnetic Radiation, Science Advisory Board, EPA 1991

Member, International Advisory Committee, International Sakharov College of Radioecology (Minsk)

now International Sakharov Environmental University (ISEU) (Chairman 1992- 2001; honorary member 2001 to present)

General Accounting Office (US) Consultant 1977; 1992

Member, Board of Directors, Sakharov Foundation, New York 1992-present

Member, Conseil Scientifique NBC, Nice, France 1992-1992

Consultant, University of Kuwait 1978, 1984, 1989, 1993

Consultant, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research 1978, 1979, 1982,1984, 1986

Consultant, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (1996 present)

Consultant, International Atomic Energy Agency (1997,1998,1999)

Permanent Energy Monitoring Panel, World Federation of Scientists (2002-present, Chairman to 2005)

President, Arsenic Foundation.Inc. 2005 - present

Member, Scientific Committee Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (2005-present)


For the work on risk assessment I have been given several awards:

A medal as "Chernobyl Liquidator" in the USSR, 1987

Forum Award, American Physical Society for Forum on Science and Society 1990

"For his outstanding research and promotion of public understanding of a broad spectrum of issues dealing with physics, the environment, and public health, including his work on reactor safety, estimation of risks posed by environmental pollution and pioneering use of comparative risk analysis."

1993 Society for Risk Analysis, Distinguished Achievement Award

2001 Honorary Doctor; International Sakharov Environmental University (ISEU), Minsk 2001

2006 Ettore Majorana (Erice) Prize: Science for Peace, 2006

"For his long-lasting involvement in "The Spirit of Erice" and its promotion to people of different culture and various civilizations with remarkable success, thus allowing the new generation to envision the future with hope and confidence. Confidence and hope rooted in Scientific Culture of which Professor Wilson has been an illustrious contributor"

2007 Dixy Lee Ray Award, American Society for Mechanical Engineers

"For significant contributions to the science and engineering of environmental protection, particularly methodology of risk assessments, risk assessment of specific pollutants, risk assessment of nuclear power including nuclear waste, and ethics in environmental science and engineering.""

2008 Presidential Citation, American Nuclear Society,

"For mentoring students for over 50 years in nuclear science, engineering and technology and his tireless efforts promoting peaceful application of nuclear power in support of "Getting the Word Out." Through over 900 papers and publications, and myriad lectures, he has provided invaluable insight and wisdom giving the nuclear community a profound legacy from which to draw knowledge. Professor Wilson's distinguished career is an inspiration."

2010. Dick Wilson- applying Uncommon Sense to Risks by Greenberg and Lowrie

2011 Andrei Sakharov Prize of the American Physical Society
"For tireless efforts in defense of human rights and freedom of expression and education anywhere in the world, and for inspiring students, colleagues and others to do the same."

2012 The Society for Risk Analysis presented a "Distinguished Educator Award" on December 11th 2012 at their San Francisco meeting

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, presented at Dinner meeting of Atlantic Legal Foundation on Monday March 11th 2013 in Washington DC

Polite remarks by the Atlantic Legal Foundation TEXT JPG file





Fellow, American Physical Society

Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Fellow, New York Academy of Arts and Sciences

Life Member, Society for Psychical Research (London)

Member, Massachusetts Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP)

Member, Society for Risk Analysis

Member, Newton Conservators (Board of Directors, 1972-76)

Member, Appalachian Mountain Club

Member, American Nuclear Society

Member, Society of Toxicology


United Oxford and Cambridge Club, 71 Pall Mall, London, England  (overseas member)


Over 936 books, reports and publications in various scientific journals. listed in the webpage "publications"  with links to several articles