A Symposium
Celebrating 50 Years of Proton Beams
at the Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory (HCL)
Saturday, 5 June 1999.
To be held at lecture room C
Harvard University Science Center,
Kirkland and Oxford Streets, Cambridge, MA


8:30 Mingling of folks, coffee, donuts and danish.
8:50 Call to order. Professor S.J. Adelstein, lately Academic Dean, Harvard Medical School
9:00 Official welcome. President Rudenstine

"PHYSICS RULES! 1949-1967"
Professor Richard Wilson (chair).

9:15   "The beginnings of HCL." Professor Emeritus Norman Ramsey
9:45   "The upgrade of the Harvard cyclotron and the nuclear physics program." Professor Richard Wilson
10:00 "Proton-nucleon scattering program." Professor Jacques Lefrancois (University of Paris)
10:30 Coffee break, fresh fruit, and a chance to stretch.
11:00 "Bremsstrahlung and p-alpha reactions." Dr Bernard Gottschalk
11:30 "Nucleon nucleon interactions" Professor Herman Feshbach (MIT) (Not in attendance)
11.45 Contributed comments by former associates:

We have invited several former graduate students, staff,
and colleagues to offer comments on their experience at HCL
(Time to visit Harvard Square in quest of your favorite foods)

Miles Wagner, Director HCL, (chair)

2:30 "The view from the Physics Department, 1967..." Professor Richard Wilson
2:45 "Initial development of medical applications at HCL." Andreas Koehler
3:15 "Charting growth of the medical programs." Kristen Johnson
3:30 "Evolution of the neurosurgery program." Dr. Paul Chapman (MGH)
4:00 "Treating diseases in the eye." Dr. Evangelos Gragoudas (Mass. Eye and Ear Hospital)
4:30 "Fractionated proton radiation therapy." Professors Herman Suit and Michael Goitein, (MGH and HMS)
5:00 "New technology and physics." Dr Janet Sisterson
5:30 "How the proton program will continue to grow." Professor Jay Loeffler, (MGH and HMS)
5:45 Adjournment, Miles Wagner

The Cyclotron Lab will be open to visitors 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM on Saturday.

For further information call Harvard University Cyclotron Laboratory: 617 495 2885 or
e mail to Koehler@huhepl.harvard.edu or Gottschalk@huhepl.harvard.edu