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Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily
Workshop of the Permenent Monitoring Panel on Mitigation of Terrorist Acts
24th and 25th August 2009

CBRN Terrorism Mitigation: One Science for Global Cooperation to Mitigate Terrorist Acts
(CBRN = Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear)

Overview of CBRN Terrorism Mitigation,                                                                                                                        Professor RL Garwin 

Politicization in the Process of International Cooperation to Mitigate Nuclear Terrorism: Some Dubious Results.    Dr. V Krivokhizha
India’s Response to the Prospect of WMD Terrorism,                                                                                                    Professor R Rajaraman
Motivations for Terrorism,                                                                                                                                                 Lord John Alderdice
Review of Social and Political Approaches to CBRN Terrorism,                                                                                    Lord John Alderdice

2.  Immediate Evaluation: Nuclear, Radiological, Chemical and Biological

Introduction to the Development of CBRN Event Mitigation,                                                                                      Professor F Steinhausler
Immediate Evaluation of Radiological and Nuclear Attacks,                                                                                          Professor RL Garwin
One Science for CBRN Mitigation,                                                                                                                                  Professor AL Sobel M.D.
Notional BW Exercise,                                                                                                                                                      Professor A.L. Sobel, M.D.

3.  Risk Communications and Near-real-time Evaluation of Terrorist Acts

The need for a corps of radiation workers for immediate assignment,                                                                             Richard Wilson
The Position and the role of a journalist on the spot after an unexpected disaster,                                                         Bertil Galland
Immediate Communications in the CBRN Environment,                                                                                                  Professor RV Duncan
Scientifically Informed Communications,                                                                                                                           Professor R Wilson

4.  Recovery 100 Days after Terrorist Acts

Scenario CBRN Post-Attack 100 Days: Recovery, Risk and Communication,                                                             Professor F Steinhausler
5.   Summary

CBRN Terrorism Mitigation, New Aspects,                                                                        Professor F. Steinhausler and Professor A.L. Sobel

Contributors and Attendees

Dr Sally Leivesley  (Chair)
Lord John Alderdice
Dr Diego Buriot (Absent)
Professor Rob V Duncan (Observer)
Bertil Galland (Observer)
Professor Richard L Garwin
Dr Vasiliy I Krivokhizha
Dr Alan Leigh Moore (Co-Chair, Absent)
Professor R Rajaraman
Professor Annette L Sobel M.D.
Professor Friedrich Steinhausler
Professor Richard Wilson (Absent)
Lyudmila Zaitseva (Observer)

Attendees at selected sessions

Dr Carl O. Bauer
Dr Michael C MacCracken
Dr James Rispoli

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