Risk/Benefit Analysis, by Richard Wilson and Edmund Crouch, provides an inclusive and authoritative review of the methodology for assessing risks to human health.  In a style intelligible to a broad readership,  the book shows how such risks are defined, measured, and estimated; how variability and uncertainty enter into such risk assessments and must be dealt with; how perceptions of a risk may vary among different individuals and groups; and how differences in the perception of a risk and the corresponding risk/benefit relationship can shape the risk-management decision. To amplify its discussion of these topics, the book is replete with illustrative examples, helpful lists of comparative risks, explanatory appendices, and an extensive bibliography. The volume should  therefore serve as a uniquely valuable source book and primer for students, professionals, and all others interested in risk/benefit analysis.

Dr. Arthur Upton
A distinguished physician, was the Director of the National Cancer Institute in the late 1970s.

This is by far the best book yet available on risk benefit analysis. Based on long study and personal field experience (e.g. Chernobyl) the authors have covered the entire spectrum of risk-benefit analysis in authoritative fashion. They have assembled a remarkable array of pertinent data and used them to illustrate their analyses and these data are themselves fascinating. They have successfully bridged the huge gap between often wildly subjective public perceptions of risk and the now possible objective analyses of these risks. This book is not only required reading for anyone involved with risk assessment and management but also, and more important, it can be highly recommended to the interested public.

Dr. Allan Bromley
Sterling Professor of the Sciences and
Dean of Engineering, Yale University
The Assistant for Science and Technology
To President George Bush 1989-1993

Managing risk in a free society is an extremely difficult task.  No one knows more about how to analyze risk and balance it against the benefits to society than Dick Wilson.  Anyone interested in this subject and who wants to know more about it, should read this book.  You will come away from that effort with a more balanced view of risk and more toleration for processes whereby we analyze risk and balance it against the good things we all want.

William D. Ruckelshaus
William Doyle Ruckelshaus was the first EPA Agency Administrator,  1970 to 1973 and again from 1983-1985. He was briefly Acting FBI Director, and Deputy Attorney General.  He is now a principal in Madrona Investment Group, in Seattle.