Issue 11,12 of Radiation & Risk (2001)

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( Cover.pdf)( Cover.doc)
Preface to English Translation R.Wilson/Preface
Pages 4 - 8
( Index.pdf)( Index.doc)
Scientific Articles
Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Gorsky A.I., Maksioutov M.A.
Dynamics of thyroid cancer incidence in Russia following theChernobyl accident:
Eco-epidemiological analysis
Pages 9 - 20
( Chapter1.pdf)( Chapter1.doc)
Biryukov A.P., Ivanov V.K., Kochergina E.V., Ivanov S.I.,
Karyakin O.B., Maltseva V.I.
Study of malignant neoplasms of the genitourinary system among
Chernobyl accident emergency workers over Russian Federationin 1987-1996
Pages 21 - 28
( Chapter2.pdf)( Chapter2.doc)
Ivanov V.K., Maksioutov M.A., Chekin S.Yu., Kruglova Z.G.,
Petrov A.V., Tsyb A.F., Ivanov S.I.
Radiation-epidemiological analysis of incidence of non-cancerdiseases
among the Chernobyl liquidators
Pages 29 - 43
( Chapter3.pdf)( Chapter3.doc)
Ivanov V.K., Pitkevitch V.A., Gorsky A.I., Maksioutov M.A., Vlasov O.K.
Thyroid dose and thyroid cancer incidence after Chernobyl accident:
assessment for the Bryansk region of Russia
Pages 44 - 58
( Chapter4.pdf)( Chapter4.doc)
Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Maksioutov M.A., Pitkevich V.A., BirukovA.P.,
Matiash V.A., Korelo A.M., Chekin S.Yu., Nilova E.V.
Radiation epidemiological studies in Russian National Medicaland Dosimetric Registry
with respect to Chernobyl accident: I. Cancer and non-cancerregistration system among
Chernobyl liquidators and the population living in the areascontaminated
with radionuclides in Russia (history and the present status)
Pages 59 - 74
( Chapter5.pdf)( Chapter5.doc)
Ivanov V.K., Tsyb A.F., Gorsky A.I., Rastopchin Eu.M., Maksioutov M.A.,
Chekin S.Yu., Pitkevich V.A., Vlasov O.K.
Radiation epidemiological studies in Russian National Medicaland Dosimetric Registry
with respect to Chernobyl accident: II. Assessment of radiation risk of cancer and
non-cancer diseases, 1986-1999
Pages 75 - 84
( Chapter6.pdf)( Chapter6.doc)
Ivanov V.K., Ilin L.A., Tsyb A.F., Tukov A.R.,
Gorski A.I., Maksioutov M.A., Matyash V.A.
Radiation and epidemiological analysis for cancer incidenceamong nuclear workers
taken part recovery operations following the accident at theChernobyl NPP
Pages 85 - 89
( Chapter7.pdf)( Chapter7.doc)

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